Welcome to Leamington Spark!

Leamington Spark is a radical news magazine for Leamington and the surrounding area. It is put together entirely by volunteers. The magazine is aligned with the radical left – socialist, anarchist and green – but is independent of any particular political party or line.

Download the first issue here.

Editorial – welcome to Leamington Spark!

The spectre of Oliver Twist and the rise of Leamington’s food banks

Leamington Spark

Campaign victory against NHS sell off

Cruel tax hurts disabled in Leamington

Leamington needs a People’s Assembly

The worrying rise of UKIP

Warwick students link arms with striking staff

New left party launches to challenge dominance of big three

Homelessness: a struggle for support

You can’t put a price on the Leamington Peace Festival

Gaia co-operative: an alternative to business as usual

The sad decline of the radical bookshop

The case for basic income

Back the right to sell!

Film review: sinister tale told with style and wit

Gigs review: Punk poetry with heart

All work in Leamington Spark is copyleft. It may be freely copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes only, but please mention Leamington Spark. Many thanks to Robert Johnson for our fantastic art and design work. See here


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